Reasons Why Film Making is Still Alive

Since technology dominates the world, the digital era has transformed our way of living in a 360-degree turn. There are lots of aspects in people’s lives that had been simplified or expounded by these advancement in technology. That includes listening to music, watching TV, and communicating through phone. There are also digital platforms offering online streaming services such as the IPTV for videos and TV programs and Spotify and Apple Music for music streaming.

With that being said, huge improvements had been done over the days during that period when people had to buy cassette  or VHS tapes to listen to music or watch movies. Large televisions and cumbersome phones are transformed into ultrathin ones. Digital platforms arise and acceded to such platforms like IPTV subscription UK is the new norm.   Aside from that, the photography industry has also been affected by these new developments.

The standard film photography was shifted to digital SLR. And the use of DSLR cameras is actually a no-brainer. The birth of digital cameras when it entered the year 2000s makes way for film photography to depriciate. However, the cinema and the movie industry has made a comeback recently.

The film is not yet alive and it is a circulating phrase within the photography industry. Yet the fact is that film is still alive and kicking.

Why Is Filmmaking Persisted Upon?

If high-quality digital cameras are so readily available, you might ask why photographers still use film. People choose film over digital for a surprising number of reasons.

The Impact of Memories

Our ancestors used film cameras because the technology has been around for more than a century. Learning to use the same camera as one’s grandparents is an extraordinary experience. As a beginner, you might find yourself experimenting with your family’s ancient film cameras.

A Single Chance, A Single Shot

When reviewing your camera roll, have you ever questioned why you shot fifty identical photos? All the way down to the camera angle, the pictures turned out looking identical. You intended to record every exciting moment as you were taking them, but instead, your camera roll became jam-packed with identical footage.

Accepting the Risk

When using film, you won’t be able to view the final result until you have your images developed. Anticipation builds as you wait to see your developed images, and the surprise is enjoyable. When you receive a high-quality roll of film and you had no clue what the finished product would look like, it’s incredibly satisfying.

Occasionally, the “rawness” of a photo is what makes it beautiful. You can’t have a second chance at a flawless shot when you can’t view the final product instantly. This photo is said to be true and authentic.